Ross Medical is changing the way healthcare is delivered

The Hospital walls are not medically necessary


Inpatient, outpatient, Epatient

Ross Medical introduces ePatient care: continuous hospital level care without the walls. Through its research driven focus to deliver top quality care, Ross Medical is paving the way to deliver quality healthcare in a more cost efficient manner.

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No longer will healthcare be divided between just hospitals and doctor’s offices. The ePatient introduces a third option that harmonizes the in-patient/out-patient method of patient care. The ePatient utilizes wireless connectivity to manage all aspects of patient care, without the interference of hospital walls.
A new Trichotomy

Introducing a third healthcare option for patients, hospitals, and doctors.

The ePatient means more access to medical care at less cost. It will save hospital and health insurance industries money while improving emergency room and hospital efficiency and turnover. The ePatient concept has the potential of reducing total healthcare spending in the U.S. from $2.7 trillion to $2.3 trillion per year, an almost 15% reduction. By optimizing the in-patient/out-patient methodology into a new level of service, cost savings are realized by all stakeholders.
Cost Savings

More access to specialized care at lower costs. For all.

The ePatient service only provides the level of care necessary for the Patient. Through wireless interconnectivity the ePatient achieves patient management protocols and health care delivery systems in an efficient and reliable manner. From remote blood work and prescription services, the ePatient system ensures the flow of patient care is delivered in the most efficient manner possible.

The right level of care for the health of the patient.

Groundbreaking innovation is nothing without the technology to bring the concept to life. As technology improves and expands, the array of ePatient services available will also increase. The growth and expansion capabilities are seemingly endless.
Innovative Technology

Cutting-edge technology for a hospital level of care.

About US

Research driven care with a focus on technology and efficiency

Superior Care

Ross Medical is the pioneer of ePatient care, continuous hospital level care without the walls of the hospital. Together with its subsidiaries and managed partners, Ross Medical is a medical device manufacturer, software platform manufacturer, multi-specialty physician group, clinical research organization, and college of telemedicine. Combined, Ross Medical is the “new hospital” and can replace the majority of traditional hospital admissions.


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Who we are

Alexander Chiu, MD, MBA
CEO And Founder
Dr. Chiu founded Ross Medical in 2008 and developed the RMM™ and COTTER™ technology and its intellectual property. He is responsible for coordinating the research team, regulatory specialists, business development, software development, fundraising, clinical trials, and forward movement of the company.
Dr. Kasper is published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the Journal of Cardiac Failure, the Journal of Invasive Cardiology, the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the European Journal of Heart Failure and has presented at the American Heart Association scientific sessions and the American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Sessions.

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